Additional terms for API users

These Additional Terms relate to the use of APIs on ("API Terms"). They apply in addition to the Terms of Use that govern that site, as well as any other Additional Terms that may apply to that site. All capitalized terms that are not defined in this document shall have the same meaning in these API Terms as they do in the Terms of Use.

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  • “Text and Data Mining” (“TDM”) means (i) performing automated searches, selection of content, and structured analyses of content including data embodied therein, (ii) the sorting, parsing, addition or removal of linguistic structures, and the selection and inclusion of discrete parts of content into another form for purposes of classification or recognition of relations, patterns, and associations, and (iii) the extraction, alternative representation or translation, expression or discussion of any extracts from mined content, whether in the form of a direct extraction or a representation in any form.
  • “TDM Materials” means the materials, data, and information created for or during TDM based on the content on which the TDM is performed.
  • “TDM Output” means the data and information which is the result of any TDM, excluding, however, any full-text duplication in whole or in part of the content on which the TDM is performed and any images contained in the content on which the TDM is performed.

Use of APIs - general

  • You may not disrupt, or attempt to disrupt, the APIs, servers, or networks providing the APIs.
  • You must stay within the specified rate limits for each API. You may not attempt to circumvent the API limits by adding multiple accounts or keys.
  • We may amend, suspend, or discontinue any API and/or suspend your use of any API at any time and for any reason without notice.

Use of APIs – TDM on open access content

Where access to content is available to the public through this site because it is published under an Open Access license, use of that content shall be in accordance with that license.

Use of APIs – TDM on content covered by an institutional license

  • If you are accessing content that is available to you because of a license with your institution, your use of that content is controlled by the license, including the TDM-specific terms (the “TDM License”), that that institution has signed with us. You may use the content only for those purposes specifically set out in the terms of that license and in the TDM License, and may not use it for any of the prohibited uses stated in that license or in the TDM License.
  • You may download and/or extract information to the content to which you have access and TDM rights under the institutional license agreement for the purpose of TDM to a server only accessible to you, your institution, and other users at your institution who are “Authorized Users” under your institution’s license with us (an “Internal Server”), and perform TDM on this content and/or any TDM Materials, only for the duration of a specific TDM project, unless otherwise specified in the TDM License. Storage of any downloaded content and TDM Materials containing full-text content shall be limited to the duration of the TDM project, unless otherwise specified in the TDM License.
  • You may make the TDM Output available to third parties, for noncommercial use only and subject to the other restrictions set out in these API Terms, unless otherwise defined by the TDM License with your institution. If you wish to use any images as part of the TDM Output, you must contact the copyright holder of each image for permission.
  • After the termination of the TDM License with your institution, you shall destroy any copies of content that you downloaded under that TDM License that may be locally loaded, as well as any TDM Materials created based on the content on which the TDM was performed.
  • You may not do any of the following, unless specifically permitted by the TDM license with your institution: (i) create derivative products or services that would compete with or negatively affect our or our affiliates’ products or services, or otherwise commercially use or allow commercial use of the TDM Output, (ii) allow a third party to access or use any TDM Materials, (iii) perform TDM for a third party, or (iv) store, or permit storage of, any content or TDM Materials on any server other than an Internal Server.

Use of abstracts

  • Abstracts are available on this website. Please note that abstracts are copyrighted material, and the restrictions on their use are the same as those restrictions on the full-text content of the associated articles, as set out in the general Terms of Use for this page.
  • We grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and use the abstracts on this website for your personal use. Except as expressly permitted herein, the abstracts may not be reproduced, sold, resold, or otherwise exploited for any purpose without our express written consent. Any unauthorized use automatically terminates the permissions and licenses granted by us to you, and may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. We reserve all rights to the abstracts not expressly granted herein.
  • In particular, you must not use, or allow others to access or use, any abstracts for commercial purposes without our permission.
  • If you wish to reuse the abstracts in any way other than for use that is both personal and non-commercial, you must contact us at Any such permission, if granted, may be subject to separate terms and conditions and the payment of a fee.
  • Notwithstanding the above, if any abstract is associated with an "Open Access" article, that abstract may be used in accordance with the relevant Open Access license.