is there any unique identifier for researchers?


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March 03, 2019 06:43


I need to use id or any sort of unique identifier in the query so i can fetch all publications that belong to this specific Author. is there any way to do that?


January 11, 2020 18:21


I am now familiar with the API but I see that they do not use ORCID ( to identify the authors. So you should use string search yourself, considering the problem of name variation and its abbreviations. In the JSON tests I did, the metadata is “creators” which is a list of “creator” in most cases.


May 05, 2020 08:11



in my case a literature search using Springer(Link/Nature) followed by a search for dois at crossref (or other citation databases) resulted in better data quality. Given the name of the first author you can use other databases (e.g. orcid) to find detailed information about the author or affiliations.

As Erfelipe wrote, the SpringerNature DB/API itself does not provide author identification but uses given name and surname.


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