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Discover Patterns and Trends

  • Identify trends in custom areas
  • Empower decisions through established patterns
  • Use data for predictive analytics

Creation of Knowledge Graph

  • Build ontologies & taxonomies
  • Create new knowledge graphs in niche areas
  • Validated data to build knowledge models

Machine Learning

  • Comprehensive datasets across fields
  • Highest Impact Data across the scholarly sector
  • Highly structured datasets in eBooks for data mining

Powerful Discovery

  • Integrate data into ELNs, workbooks, code
  • Bespoke constraints for competition & regulation monitoring
  • FAIR compatibility

About Springer Nature

Springer Nature leads the way in scientific publishing, uniting science, technology, and medicine to advance discovery. With a proud legacy of over 3000 journals and 13,000 books published annually, we stand at the forefront of research and education. As guardians of the world's largest STM eBook collection, our commitment spans across a global network dedicated to fostering learning and innovation. Explore the heart of discovery with Springer Nature.

Access research and data across all subject areas

Title Image for LifeSciences and Pharmaceutical

LifeSciences and Pharmaceutical

Explore groundbreaking research in life sciences & Pharma to extract information and entities for applications ranging from drug discovery to therapeutics.

Title Image for Materials Science and Chemistry

Materials Science and Chemistry

Delve into the properties, synthesis, and applications of materials & chemicals to develop solutions in semiconductors, steel, energy, chemistry etc.

Title Image for Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science

Access to insights and advancements in computer science, artificial intelligence & various engineering disciplines catering to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Title Image for Math and Physics

Math and Physics

Access research on Math, Stats & Physics spanning areas such as algebra, geometry, statistics, applied mathematics, quantum mechanics & space.

  • Architecture and Design

  • Business and Management

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Management

  • Earth Science

  • Economics/Management Science

  • Dentistry

  • Environment

  • Finance

  • Geography

  • Literature

  • History

  • Geosciences

  • Arts and Humanities

  • Psychology

  • Linguistics

  • Social Sciences

  • Climate

API and Data Mining

Explore our three powerful APIs designed for seamless data access and analysis.

Caffe Latte

Full Text API (TDM)

Unlock the complete text of our extensive collection of subscription-based content, providing comprehensive data for in-depth analysis.

  • Access to over 3 million articles from over 20 subject areas
  • Over 20 filters to identify on latest discoveries and trends
  • Personalised support from our API experts

Meta API

Access metadata and abstracts for millions of scientific documents, making it easier to discover and explore relevant content.

Open Access API

Retrieve full-text content from our open access publications, empowering your research with unrestricted access to valuable insights.


Choose from flexible subscription options tailored to your needs.

Choose between Enterprise and Usage-based pricing models to find the perfect solution for your TDM requirements.


Customized solutions for organizations with large-scale TDM needs.

  • Access pre-defined catalogues such as Nature or Springer Portfolio
  • Access to custom catalogues such as Pharma/Chemicals/Computer Science
  • Choice of API or Data feed (sFTP, Cloud delivery)


Adaptable options for users with specific content access requirements.

  • Access to the entire catalogue of over 4.5 million XMLs
  • Choose between 5,000 DOI calls to 0.5 million DOI calls
  • High API ceiling limits and call rates

Secure and Compliant

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By accessing and using the SN APIs, you agree to be legally bound by the SN API Terms. If you do not agree with any or all of the provisions within the SN API Terms, please refrain from using the APIs in any manner or form.

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