Querystring Parameter

The following querystring parameters can be provided to the API to alter how the results in the API response are displayed:

Querystring parameters
Parameter Description Required Default value
q The query the API should perform. Supports a number of filters. yes
s Return results starting at the number specified. no 1

Number of results to return in this request.
The maximum number of results returned in a single query is 100. (20 in the case of Openaccess requests)

no 10
api_key The key identifying your application. yes
callback Name of the callback wrapper. Used only for JSONP results. no

If the "p" parameter is not included in the request, 10 results will be returned.

If the "s" parameter is not included in the request, the starting result will be the first result.

The q parameter has a broad range of options to allow you to construct complex queries. To see how to filter or constrain your results see the next section.

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